Some pics

Easter 2013 Colorado
                                          Bitner "What kind of Easter egg is this?"
                                         Claire found her blue Easter Egg and was very happy!

                                                    This is Claire's "don't look at me" face.
                                                                      Paxton turned 6!
                                                                        Bitner turned 4!
  Claire proudly sporting her "ooville" haridoo turned two in January  That pic is hopefully on one of our phones.

Wyoming Here We Come!!

We are moving to Wyoming, somehow.  It turns out is a lot more work moving a farm then just your household, so we hope to be there at least by the end of April and I don't we will have everything actually  moved, well by who knows when.  But we are going and we are excited!  We will miss our home in Hoehne, but have so much to look forward too.  We love all the friends and memories we have here and can't wait to make some more in our new place.

Yes, we are still ALIVE!!! Here are some pics to prove it!

 Best circus ever!! We had the ride of our lives on an elephant and it was awesome!!!
 Let's give it up for the Trinidad Circus!!

 No summer is complete without a fishing trip up to Uncle Butch's and Aunt Janice's.  Thankfully we got our trip in early before summer passes us by..

 The kids learned really fast and were casting all by themselves and sometimes doing better than mom and dad.  And have you ever tried casting with those little poles? it is no small challenge.  Unfortunatly we didn't catch any fish but we didn't have anything to complain about.  Even saw a baby bear on our way out.

 That is Cupcake our dog on the top of the hay bales.  We love our dog and are so happy we have him, he if even learning to play catch finally.

 Paxton had fun jumping over the crack between the bales as Claire enjoyed the show.

 This is Bitner's serious face, like when he is telling you something that you need to know, like how daddy is stronger than you mom.

A Better Perpective

Many of you have heard of this remarkable women. Although I have not listened to her or heard much of her story one thing keeps popping back into my head that she said, "I am not my body".

I finally cracked and checked it out. What I found was an inspirational women of love and courage. I am so thankful that I have the oppurtunity to be with and raise my children and be apart of the wonderful family that I have along side Mr. Philpott. And remember that I am not my body, Thank you Stephanie.

I shared this with my 4-year old daughter, who like most little girls is very concerned with being "pretty". This is the reason she cut her own hair and this is the reason she gets upset every few days, because now her hair is not "pretty" and long. I explained what happened when your skin gets burned. She was very curious to see. When I asked her if she thought this lady was beautifull she said "Yes". Thank you Stephanie.

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Independence Day - Clovis

I have always loved the fourth of July, I think it is the magic and romance of the fireworks. I miss fireworks, we don't have them here and there isn't anywhere to drive to either really for a firework show, at least not with little kids, just not happening so when our family invited us out for the 4th I was mostly excited about getting to see some fireworks. We had so much fun that by the time it was time for fireworks I was too exhausted to go, but we did watch them over the roof tops.

Here are some pics in no particular order. (Me, Keedan, Claire, Jackson, Damarion, Paxton, Bitner, Ethan, McKenna, Aidan)

At first glance I thought this was Pax, but I think it is Olivia

Watching the fireworks, luckily no one fell in the pool, actually Anita got pushed in.

One old man with all his grandchildren, well almost we are missing Bitner

What the 4th of July without WATERMELON?

(Keedan, Bitner, Olivia, Paxton, Damarion, and Jackson)

Dallen & Sabrina on double baby duty

When the kids weren't swimming they were dressing up in costumes

But mostly they were swimming


This year I started the summer out right with a little trip to Hawaii with my sweet baby Claire. I had a great time with some of my sisters and mom, so that was fun. My other kids did not have a very good time with mom gone for so long.

Pics courtesy of Camilia since I forgot my camara, of all things.


So I realized why I get overwhelmed sometimes, it is because I try to do so much, and yet I can't stop myself. There is just so much I want to do or maybe I just have ADD. So I started a mother's group last fall, and just for kicks if you want to check out some of the fun stuff we try to do check out our site