Independence Day - Clovis

I have always loved the fourth of July, I think it is the magic and romance of the fireworks. I miss fireworks, we don't have them here and there isn't anywhere to drive to either really for a firework show, at least not with little kids, just not happening so when our family invited us out for the 4th I was mostly excited about getting to see some fireworks. We had so much fun that by the time it was time for fireworks I was too exhausted to go, but we did watch them over the roof tops.

Here are some pics in no particular order. (Me, Keedan, Claire, Jackson, Damarion, Paxton, Bitner, Ethan, McKenna, Aidan)

At first glance I thought this was Pax, but I think it is Olivia

Watching the fireworks, luckily no one fell in the pool, actually Anita got pushed in.

One old man with all his grandchildren, well almost we are missing Bitner

What the 4th of July without WATERMELON?

(Keedan, Bitner, Olivia, Paxton, Damarion, and Jackson)

Dallen & Sabrina on double baby duty

When the kids weren't swimming they were dressing up in costumes

But mostly they were swimming


This year I started the summer out right with a little trip to Hawaii with my sweet baby Claire. I had a great time with some of my sisters and mom, so that was fun. My other kids did not have a very good time with mom gone for so long.

Pics courtesy of Camilia since I forgot my camara, of all things.