Highlights of 2009

Paxton feel in love with finger, hand, and foot painting

Paxton turned 2 year old and fell in love with birthday cakes!

Paxtone and her Aunt Brittani planting flowers.

Paxton and her very pregnant mommy also took a trip to Utah to see Camilia off to the Prom.


We were very excited to welcome Bitner into our family.

Paxton is a wonderful big sister and loves her little brother very much.


We found these kids in our local mud pool. If anyone is looking for them let me know. Looks like the girl is about to get her revenge though.


We took a trip out to Utah and spent a day at the Hogle Zoo

Thanks for everybody who came and made it so much fun. Meredith and her kids, Anita and D'mar, Camilia, and Mark and Hayden.

The train ride was a big hit, we all rode it twice

Sabrina had a birthday, we won't say which one.

This is the visitor I almost ran into has I was driving home one day, I thought it was a cow, it ran right in front of us across our dirt road and behind our house. It hung out in this tree all day one day, and ate all the corn from our garden one night. "well, I love corn" says Paxton.


Dallen took a sweet fishing trip with his brothers in the Uintahs

October Smiles

A Night on the town with Snow White

Warm November Days
"It was too sunny for me" says Paxton.

We were able to spend Christmas in Clovis at Ryan and Amanda's house. It was a lot of fun!
Tribal Counsel, um wonder what they are discussing?