Some pics

Easter 2013 Colorado
                                          Bitner "What kind of Easter egg is this?"
                                         Claire found her blue Easter Egg and was very happy!

                                                    This is Claire's "don't look at me" face.
                                                                      Paxton turned 6!
                                                                        Bitner turned 4!
  Claire proudly sporting her "ooville" haridoo turned two in January  That pic is hopefully on one of our phones.

Wyoming Here We Come!!

We are moving to Wyoming, somehow.  It turns out is a lot more work moving a farm then just your household, so we hope to be there at least by the end of April and I don't we will have everything actually  moved, well by who knows when.  But we are going and we are excited!  We will miss our home in Hoehne, but have so much to look forward too.  We love all the friends and memories we have here and can't wait to make some more in our new place.